Monday, September 13

UrbanArts Live! - Creative Dramatics

 Creative Dramatics - Multicultural Awareness through the   Spoken Word and Theatre

     Drama is the enactment of real and imagined events through role-play, play making and performances, enabling individuals and groups to explore, shape and represent ideas, feelings and their consequences in symbolic or dramatic form.  This 8-week workshop will promote multicultural awareness and acceptance of self and others through the spoken word, utilizing poetry, monologues and scenes which explore themes of cultural diversity, culminating in a performance project for family and friends.

     Students are provided with a safe environment for age-appropriate activities such as: Storytelling, Drama, Reader's Theatre, and Improvisation. Basic acting and public-speaking will be taught, increasing self-confidence and communications skills.

Objectives of this workshop are:

• Multicultural awareness through the creative process;
• Use of the spoken word to communicate a theme to an audience;
• Use of the collective imagination to produce a finished project

     Each class will begin with a basic acting warm-up and motivational phrase, to create a positive, fun environment and build self-confidence.
Top and above - "The Crayon Box That Talked"