Tuesday, September 14

Stay Healthy, Be Healthy! Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Through Science and Art

     This 8-Week workshop offers participants fun opportunities to learn age-appropriate health concepts through hands-on scientific experiments, creative expression, and group discussions. The Be Healthy, Stay Healthy curriculum teaches students how to begin taking responsibility for their own health, and how to protect the health of those around them. By combining concepts from science and art, students are quickly engaged in the program and become active participants in the learning process.    

          Objectives of the workshop are: Health awareness and health-promoting behaviors such as handwashing, proper nutrition, dental care,stress management, and personal safety; group cohesivesness through hands-on scientific experiments;creative self-expression through topic-related theatre games and dramatic play, and healthy lifestyle changes that will positively influence family members, peers, and their communities.

Young Writers Workshop- Poetry and Creative Writing

When I Run

When I run, I can feel...

The wind hitting my face and hair

When I run, I can hear...

My own breath and the wind whistling

When I run, I can see...

All of nature and the environment, and everyone around me.

When I run, I can taste...

Sweat, and the wind

When I run, I can smell...

Fresh air.

Running is like...flying!

      This poem is the collaborative work of 4th and 5th grade students describing their experiences after running, using sense memory. It was inspired by the book entitled Wilma Unlimited, the biography of Wilma Rudolph, who overcame many childhood illnesses to become the first American woman to win three Gold medals in the Olympics.
       The Young Writers Workshop is an 6-8 week program for grades 3-5 that teaches students how to put their thoughts into workds through the creative process, while exploring their own ideas and sharing them with others in a safe environment. Students will have opportunties to learn about various forms of poetry such as: Acrostic, Cinquain, Diamante, and themed poetry with artwork.

     Students will engage in creative expression through journaling and age appropriate dramatic activities, learn public speaking skills and appropriate audience behavior. At the end of the workshop, students will have the opportunity to present a body of finished writing to an invited audience of family and friends.

Monday, September 13

Art4Joy - Creative Art & Art History

     Children love to create artwork!  It keeps them focused and has an immediate reward. Art4Joy workshops offer children opportunities to learn about Art and Art History, to know what they are creating and also find out about the origins of different types of artwork. Each session includes a short history of artists from different eras that includes vocabulary and lots of hands-on time to create art based on what they have learned.

     Although each child is encouraged to work at his or her individual level, emphasis is placed on process that they create for themselves, not the product. Each artwork is celebrated and shared with the group, and positive comments are always welcome!

     Objectives of Art4Joy are: 

     Development of imaginative ablities through the creative process; improved communications skills through reflection and positive peer critique ;and increased appreciation of art in their communities and globally.                   

Top - decoupage; Above: Geogia O'Keefe,
"Objects Big and Bold"


UrbanArts Live! - Creative Dramatics

 Creative Dramatics - Multicultural Awareness through the   Spoken Word and Theatre

     Drama is the enactment of real and imagined events through role-play, play making and performances, enabling individuals and groups to explore, shape and represent ideas, feelings and their consequences in symbolic or dramatic form.  This 8-week workshop will promote multicultural awareness and acceptance of self and others through the spoken word, utilizing poetry, monologues and scenes which explore themes of cultural diversity, culminating in a performance project for family and friends.

     Students are provided with a safe environment for age-appropriate activities such as: Storytelling, Drama, Reader's Theatre, and Improvisation. Basic acting and public-speaking will be taught, increasing self-confidence and communications skills.

Objectives of this workshop are:

• Multicultural awareness through the creative process;
• Use of the spoken word to communicate a theme to an audience;
• Use of the collective imagination to produce a finished project

     Each class will begin with a basic acting warm-up and motivational phrase, to create a positive, fun environment and build self-confidence.
Top and above - "The Crayon Box That Talked"



Introducing... UrbanArtsLive!

    After several years of working with children in the public schools, I have a developed a program that will introduce children to art while learning how to stay healthy and happy.

   Through creative arts workshops, students in Grades K-5 are inspired to learn positive ways of self-expression and healthy living in a safe, fun, non-competitive environment. Students are encouraged to find their creative voice through four exciting workshops: Urban Arts Live!(TM) (Creative Dramatics); Art 4 Joy (Creative Art & Art History); Young Writers Workshop ( Writing and Poetry); and Be Healthy, Stay Healthy! (Health & Wellness) Additional benefits of these workshops are: Developing the use of imagination -Increased decision making and problem-solving skills -Increased self-esteem and consideration for others -Improved individual work habits and cooperative skills -Increased social awareness and responsibility Each six-week workshop meets twice weekly, and ends in a culmination presentation for invited guests. UrbanArtsLive! (TM) is a great way to learn about the wonderful world of art!

     Each 6 to 8 week workshop meets twice weekly, and ends in a culmination presentation for invited guests. Workshops can be held in classrooms, community centers, churches, group homes, or in any space that can safely accommodate a group of 10-20 children. All workshops meet the California VAPA and Language Arts Standards. Prices are per child and include all supplies and materials.  Please feel free to check out my slideshow of past children's art projects I have facilitated. I can be contacted at: I hope to meet with you soon!