Wednesday, June 28

Young Writer's Poetry Workshop!


      The Young Writer's Poetry Workshop is a 6-week program for ages 8-14 that teaches students how to put their thoughts into words through the creative process, while exploring their own ideas and sharing them with others in a safe, fun environment. 

     Students will engage in creative expression through journaling and age-appropriate group exercises, learn public speaking skills, performance skills, and develop self-confidence while learning how to be good listeners and audience members. Each class session will meet for 1 hour, twice weekly.  At the end of the workshop, students will have the opportunity to present a body of finished work to an invited audience of family and friends.

     Topics and levels covered will vary according to the needs of the group and include:

  What is Poetry?

  I AM Poem

  Name Poem - Acrostic Poetry, Mathematical Poetry

  Themed Poetry with Art I & II/My Rainbow - Poetry and Paint

  Cinquain Poetry – 5 lined poem that describes a noun

  Diamante Poetry – Diamond shaped poem

  My Rainbow – Poetry and Painting Projects

  Spoken Word and Performance Poetry/Reader's Theater

* Cost: $200 per student includes all handouts, art supplies, and writing supplies