Thursday, February 5

Wish List!

Everyone has a wish list! This group of 6th graders had a special assignment: To make a wish with these elements: A cartoon/animated/anime/ or video game character, a color, and a location (city or country) They had fun with this:

I Wish . . .

I wish I was a princess, in New England, wearing a frilly pink dress, chatting with Queen
I wish the Simpsons would turn green and move to Paris, Texas.
I wish that the Blue Man Group was in New York being blue like the sky and black like the night.
I wish the Purple Pekka was in New York City.
I wish Stewie Griffin was my neighbor and wore a pink dress.
I wish Stewie in Family Guy was in NY so I could meet him. I also wish that Stewie’s clothes and overalls were zebra color. Zebra color meaning black and white stripes.
I wish that I was a blue Smurfette and all the other Smurfs would chase after me in Paris.
I wish that I would see Santa Claus on red Christmas Eve in New York.
I wish that the pilgrims would come on Black Friday and celebrate all around New York City.
I wish that I was Superman, flying in my red cape from Staten Island to Brooklyn, so I wouldn’t be late for school.
I wish that in China, people will sell authentic pink Hello Kitty products.
I wish that for my birthday present I will get white Hello Kitties from America.
I wish that on Christmas Eve, every little girl in America will get a pink Hello Kitty stuffed animal.
I wish I was blue and yellow with Minnie Mouse while swimming in the Dead Sea.
I wish I was Spongebob in a yellow suit in Las Vegas.
I wish I was Kirito holding Asuna’s hand while watching the bright blue sky in London.
I wish I as in the land of anime watching the blue sky in Paris with Natsu.
I wish I was Black Wing Armor Master in a rainbow place, also known as New York.
I wish I could make a black burrito out of Kirito while eating a Dorito in the city of Mexico.
I wish that I could go to San Francisco with Minnie Mouse, and ride on an orange cable car.
I wish that I could go to Starling City and meet the Arrow on a green roof top.
I wish that I was Alice in Wonderland riding a rainbow unicorn with a minion and the Mad Hatter.
I wish I was Goldilocks in Russia eating golden porridge.
I wish the sky was always blue and that Garfield cat and I could have a week with no Mondays in Santa Fe.
I wish that I could meet Percy Jackson in China. I would want to ride in a blue car with him and have fun.
I wish that I was yellow and blue eating lunch with Mickey Mouse in France.
I wish I could travel to England with Misaki in a purple helicopter.
I wish I had a blue cap with a picture of Big Nate on it, and if I did, I would be living in Paris.
I wish that Mary Poppins would come from North Carolina and let me ride on her gold and black umbrella.
I wish that Peppa Pig would come from London and let me ride her flying car.

Love...Think Again!

If you think that a 6th grader can't tell you anything about love, think again! This is a group project by 6 young ladies who loved to talk. They told me what they wanted to say, and I wrote it on paper. The students decided where each line belonged...I was only the scribe.

Love is a gift
and what you do with it can be your own personal curse.
True love is the key to your heart
and your heart unlocks your life.
Love is valuable
it cannot be bought with cash
but with faith.
Love is strong if you have a big heart
Some love can be fake and also ugly
Looks are not always the way you find love.
Love can complete life
Let love come to you
because if you go chasing it
it may never be yours.

And...Even More Words..

   Kids have a lot to say...if we listen. I was working with a group of students who didn't like to write a lot (except for a couple of them) but they had lots to say about everything. I decided to let them tell me what they wanted to say, and I wrote it on paper. They were the authors, and I became the scribe. This is one of their group projects:

    It reads:
Everybody has problems that upset them in many ways.
Sometimes problems make you feel lonely
and seeing angry faces make you feel unhappy.
Abandoning negative things can make a better future
And a happy ever after.
Finally, proudly sticking up for what you believe in

can change someone’s life.

(6th Grade Students - NYC)

Anti-Bullying Artwork!

Every writing workshop begins with a five minute free-writing exercise in which students may write about any topic that they feel strongly about. When they choose a writing project in later weeks, students may either select a new topic, or continue working on one of their free-write drafts. This is an anti-bullying poster started by one 6th Grade student who was very reluctant to participate at the beginning, but he found something to say in his own way that was very detailed and profound: