Tuesday, January 20

Poetry and Spoken Word!

     This slideshow is from a Poetry and Spoken Word project I facilitated with Middle School students in at a NYC Public School. A very dedicated group of students bravely put their thoughts and feelings on paper, and shared them with a large audience. Several students also displayed artwork that accompanied the theme of "I Am"...If you don't have a "I Am" statement for the world, the world will tell you who "You Are". The group shot is edited for student privacy.


Creative Writing & Poetry!

     This slideshow is from a Creative Writing and Poetry project I facilitated with students in New York City Public Schools. Students in this cohort chose from Realistic Fiction, Narratives, Portrait Poems, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure, and Persuasive Writing, and worked on their topic for a 4 to 6 week period, depending on their individual progress. Common Core Standards for writing, speaking and listening were followed, and finished work was published and presented at an Open House presentation before a small audience.