Monday, September 13

Art4Joy - Creative Art & Art History

     Children love to create artwork!  It keeps them focused and has an immediate reward. Art4Joy workshops offer children opportunities to learn about Art and Art History, to know what they are creating and also find out about the origins of different types of artwork. Each session includes a short history of artists from different eras that includes vocabulary and lots of hands-on time to create art based on what they have learned.

     Although each child is encouraged to work at his or her individual level, emphasis is placed on process that they create for themselves, not the product. Each artwork is celebrated and shared with the group, and positive comments are always welcome!

     Objectives of Art4Joy are: 

     Development of imaginative ablities through the creative process; improved communications skills through reflection and positive peer critique ;and increased appreciation of art in their communities and globally.                   

Top - decoupage; Above: Geogia O'Keefe,
"Objects Big and Bold"