Tuesday, September 14

Young Writers Workshop- Poetry and Creative Writing

When I Run

When I run, I can feel...

The wind hitting my face and hair

When I run, I can hear...

My own breath and the wind whistling

When I run, I can see...

All of nature and the environment, and everyone around me.

When I run, I can taste...

Sweat, and the wind

When I run, I can smell...

Fresh air.

Running is like...flying!

      This poem is the collaborative work of 4th and 5th grade students describing their experiences after running, using sense memory. It was inspired by the book entitled Wilma Unlimited, the biography of Wilma Rudolph, who overcame many childhood illnesses to become the first American woman to win three Gold medals in the Olympics.
       The Young Writers Workshop is an 6-8 week program for grades 3-5 that teaches students how to put their thoughts into workds through the creative process, while exploring their own ideas and sharing them with others in a safe environment. Students will have opportunties to learn about various forms of poetry such as: Acrostic, Cinquain, Diamante, and themed poetry with artwork.

     Students will engage in creative expression through journaling and age appropriate dramatic activities, learn public speaking skills and appropriate audience behavior. At the end of the workshop, students will have the opportunity to present a body of finished writing to an invited audience of family and friends.