Thursday, February 5

Wish List!

Everyone has a wish list! This group of 6th graders had a special assignment: To make a wish with these elements: A cartoon/animated/anime/ or video game character, a color, and a location (city or country) They had fun with this:

I Wish . . .

I wish I was a princess, in New England, wearing a frilly pink dress, chatting with Queen
I wish the Simpsons would turn green and move to Paris, Texas.
I wish that the Blue Man Group was in New York being blue like the sky and black like the night.
I wish the Purple Pekka was in New York City.
I wish Stewie Griffin was my neighbor and wore a pink dress.
I wish Stewie in Family Guy was in NY so I could meet him. I also wish that Stewie’s clothes and overalls were zebra color. Zebra color meaning black and white stripes.
I wish that I was a blue Smurfette and all the other Smurfs would chase after me in Paris.
I wish that I would see Santa Claus on red Christmas Eve in New York.
I wish that the pilgrims would come on Black Friday and celebrate all around New York City.
I wish that I was Superman, flying in my red cape from Staten Island to Brooklyn, so I wouldn’t be late for school.
I wish that in China, people will sell authentic pink Hello Kitty products.
I wish that for my birthday present I will get white Hello Kitties from America.
I wish that on Christmas Eve, every little girl in America will get a pink Hello Kitty stuffed animal.
I wish I was blue and yellow with Minnie Mouse while swimming in the Dead Sea.
I wish I was Spongebob in a yellow suit in Las Vegas.
I wish I was Kirito holding Asuna’s hand while watching the bright blue sky in London.
I wish I as in the land of anime watching the blue sky in Paris with Natsu.
I wish I was Black Wing Armor Master in a rainbow place, also known as New York.
I wish I could make a black burrito out of Kirito while eating a Dorito in the city of Mexico.
I wish that I could go to San Francisco with Minnie Mouse, and ride on an orange cable car.
I wish that I could go to Starling City and meet the Arrow on a green roof top.
I wish that I was Alice in Wonderland riding a rainbow unicorn with a minion and the Mad Hatter.
I wish I was Goldilocks in Russia eating golden porridge.
I wish the sky was always blue and that Garfield cat and I could have a week with no Mondays in Santa Fe.
I wish that I could meet Percy Jackson in China. I would want to ride in a blue car with him and have fun.
I wish that I was yellow and blue eating lunch with Mickey Mouse in France.
I wish I could travel to England with Misaki in a purple helicopter.
I wish I had a blue cap with a picture of Big Nate on it, and if I did, I would be living in Paris.
I wish that Mary Poppins would come from North Carolina and let me ride on her gold and black umbrella.
I wish that Peppa Pig would come from London and let me ride her flying car.